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"He who works with his
hands is a laborer.
He who works with his
hands and his head is a
He who works with his
hands and his head and his
heart is an artist."
St. Francis of Assisi
3&1 Faces Polymer Clay  Pin - Handmade with Polymer Clay. Sterling Silver wire, Austrian Crystals, Austrian Beads and glass beads are used for final details.

I'm proud to
present my
side of what life,
nature and people
mean to me with
this artistic

I will continue this
"Exclusive Artistic
Creations"  line in
many functional
and decorative
items for those who
the Arts.
my husband, with them,
their support and love, I will
create beautiful things as
For me, is much more than
just creating a piece of art,
every detail and final work.
No matter how much
material and effort it takes,
the most important thing is
that the piece reflects what
I feel, and at the end it
becomes a beautiful and
unique piece of art"

I hope you can enjoy my art
work, as much as I enjoy
creating it. I also want to
thank the Lord for giving me
the talent to create beautiful
things, the ability to create
art pieces and the
opportunity to present them
to the world as an artist"

Mary Gonzalez
3 in 1 Faces Polymer Pin
Living in Harmony Figurine - Supporting harmony between races, people, the world and the universe! Handmade with copper, nickel, fabric, fibers, polymer clay, pastel chalks, wood, and paints are the materials used. Figurine is posing on a wood base. Some fabric colors may vary depending on availability.
I hope...
These creations
will be in many
galleries over the
representing my
inspirational artistic
More creations
will be available see
our new items!
Living in Harmony Figurine
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We are creating beautiful art pieces for every season and occasion
every day...so don't miss it.
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