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Handcrafted Swarovski Crystals Birth Silver Rings -  Handcrafted with Austrian Swarovski Crystals, Sterling Silver and Silver Plated findings and beads. Stretch cord is used to give flexibility.  Beautiful and Elegant to wear anytime.
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stones made from crystal. Those were mostly used for the jewelry and fashion industries, as chandelier parts, as accessories
Swarovski's crystal beads are also used to adorn dresses, shoes and handbags. By this they have entered the realm of
haute-couture, James Bond movies, Hollywood celebs and Oscar night fashion talk.

In 1973 the company produced a paperweight and a key ring as memorabilia for the 12th Olympic Winter games in
Innsbruck. A year later, designer Max Schreck 'accidentally' started a new product line: He built a little mouse out of
chandelier parts. The mouse was followed by a series of crystal animals and decorative items, among them famous crystal
lovebirds. Today, Swarovski's figurine collection Silver Crystal is a major branch of the company.

The company is also renowned for its optical products. Swarovski's binoculars and telescopes are ergonomic, elegant, well
balanced and without frills.

In 1995 the company celebrated its 100th anniversary by building a spectacular theme park, Swarovski Crystal Worlds
('Kristallwelten') in Wattens, close to Innsbruck. It was designed by artist André Heller and takes you into a land of
imagination and beauty. An exceptional park landscape bewitches with waterworks, labyrinth and spectacular lightening.          
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