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"He who works with his hands is a laborer.  He who works with his hands and his head is a craftsman.
He who works with his hands, his head and his heart is an artist."
 St. Francis of Assisi
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Welcome to MJ Crafts Design Studio!
Hope you find this sidemap and the descriptions helpful to find the unique handmade crafts and gifts you are looking for.
THERE IS A LOT TO SEE, IN OVER 400 PAGES AND MORE THAN 200 UNIQUE CREATIONS.  Come back often, as we continue to
add creations every week.  Enjoy your visit and come back soon!
MJ Crafts Design Studio
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Or, if you want to immediately shop by subjects go to:  
Decorated Eggs (Eggypiece),  Decorated Boxes for Eggypieces,
Baby Crochet Crafts
,  Bookmarks, Pins,  Pins (2), Photo or Note Holders, Women Handmade Jewelry, Home Decor
Ornaments/Designer Candles, Home Decor Ornaments/Designer Candles (2) ,  Knitted Handbags,  Figurines.  If you have
time, go ahead and read the descriptions below.

Home-Where you start your journey of 100% handmade crafts and gifts...for all seasons and occasions! Go to the section,
about the
artist, to learn about Mary, her career and her handmade craft creations; and to learn something about her
husband and webmaster and his military career, go to
bio here.

Next, check out Mary's new creations in the new items.  She continues to add more items almost every week.  Proceed to the
"Eggypiece Art Collection" for fine collectible, one-of-a-kind, hand carved ceramics and porcelain decorated eggs (Must See).

Eggypiece Art Collection Gallery,   Eggypiece Art Collection 2,  and Eggypiece Art Collection 3, and don't forget the
decorated boxes, which complement your collectible Eggypieces. The Eggypiece Art Collection was exhibited at the U.S.
Embassy in Montevideo, Uruguay.  Check it out!  

In the
personalized crafts you will find handmade crafts and gifts that may be personalized for that extra touch of attention.

If you are ready for some fun, check out the
Polymer Clay Crafts Page 1,  and  Page 2.   There are a lot of funny-looking
crafts for children, adults, and specially for the "young-at-heart" adult.  There are seven major collections where you can go
from these pages, which are:
Bookmarks and Paper Clips,  Seasonal Snail Craft Collection Page 1, and 2 ,  Snail Pin
Collection,  Snail Craft Collection, Jewelry Collection Page 1, and 2, Under the Sea "Fishy" Collection, and the "Mommy" Pins
or Paper Weight Collection.
  By the way, the Jewelry Collection is sub-divided into Pins, Women Watches, Necklaces and
Earrings Sets, and Bracelets.  Also worth visiting are the Inspirational Artist Gallery Creations, and the Handcrafted Jewels &
Semi-Precious Stones Jewelry.      

If you still are still undecided, your shopping stress will go away once you go to the
Holiday-Seasonal Crafts Gallery
page--where you will find a sampling of all the unusual and interesting handmade crafts created for specific holidays in the
year. You may jump from that page to all of them. Use the directory at each page to return, or go home. However, if you
prefer, you may just go now directly to any of these:
 New Year's Eve,  St. Valentines Day,  St Patrick's Day,  Easter,  
Secretary's Day,  Mother's Day,  Father's Day, 4th of July (1),  4th of July (2),  School-Teacher,  Halloween (1),  
Thanksgiving, Christmas (1), and  Christmas (2),  
Visit them all!

Maybe you just want to be absolutely sure that you found that unique gift for the special occasion...here you can find it! Go to
Theme-related crafts page to get a sampling and jump from there to any of these: Religious,  Weddings, Nature,
Animal, Wild Safari Collection,  "Under-the-Sea" Collection ,  The "Hanger People" Collection, and Patriotic Crafts (1) and
Patriotic Crafts (2),
and the latest addition, the Seasonal Wire Home Decor Crafts with its Seasonal Interchangeable
Porcelain Accents...for each season and occasion!

If concerned about your privacy, customer service philosophy, etc, then you should click on and read the
Warranty, Privacy,
Policies page. A really good explanation on MJ Crafts Design Studio's customer service philosophy should put you at ease
on any concerns about buying over the Internet. In the
customs design request page, you will find all you need to know if
you want to customize your creation.  If after looking in all these pages, you still have a couple more questions, the
Us section should guide in the right direction.  

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Well, thats all for now...but hurry back, as we will be filling up these pages with more and more of Mary's beautiful and
original creations!  Have a safe surfing!

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