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Each item is 100% handmade crafts pieces of art!  Enjoy!
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The Faberge Eggs

Peter Carl Faberge

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Eggypiece Art
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Decorated Eggs Art (Eggypiece)
Product Description
designed, handmade, hand carved and decorated by the artist herself. Painted in satin and
pastels colors and enamels, embellished with accents of genuine Swarovski Austrian Crystals.
All findings are 18K gold plated. Some of the Eggypieces are mounted on an exclusive stand of
English pewter with 18K gold plating. Gold and silver enamel painting finish gives the final
touch to each eggypiece. Porcelain handmade flowers in pastels colors, gives each eggypiece
the flowering garden ambiance. Each eggypiece has its own theme and every detail is carefully
thought-out to be "one-of-a-kind". Some of the eggs are also decorated with glass pieces,
glass beads and other special effects such as movement or music elements.

Each Eggypiece includes a "Certificate of Authenticity" which includes a serial number,
hand-signed by the artist and the excellence seal which identifies each eggypiece of this
collection as part of the exclusive "Eggypiece Art Collection" of MJ Crafts Design Studio. Each
eggypiece version has a limited edition.
We are creating beautiful art pieces for every season and occasion
every day...so don't miss it.
More items will be available soon. If you want to receive information about our new items
by email, please email or call.
Madame Butterfly Eggypiece- Painted in matte light yellow and gold enamel details. Top opens. Inside, a porcelain butterfly accented w/glitter and Austrian Crystals, rest on porcelain roses in pastels colors. Accented w/AB, amethysts and gold Austrian Crystals. 18K gold plated stand and findings. Glorious music inside as a final element. Decorated box available for this eggypiece.
Heart Jewel Eggypiece- Front red heart door opens. Inside, one large drop AB Austrian Crystal and red heart shaped crystal, both resting on a red velvet pillow with gold color details. This piece was imperial gold color and red satin finish. Accented with AB Austrian Crystals and red Ruby crystals. 18K gold plated stand and findings. Decorated box available for this eggypiece.
Innocent Unicorn Eggypiece- Painted in lime green satin color and gold enamel details. Inside, a glass unicorn miniature w/24K gold plated details. Accented with Austrian Crystals and decorated with yellow and white porcelain roses. Mirror on the bottom of unicorn and stand in clay w/glitter and beads details. Decorated box available for this eggypiece.
Holly Grapes Eggypiece-Hand carved and painted in matte pastel purple and gold enamel details. Inside, a bunch of grapes hang from the top. Glitter details and glass beads inserted in each cut. Clay stand w/glitter decoration. Decorated box available for this eggypiece.
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