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Each item is 100% handmade craft! Enjoy!
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Please come back to visit us, I'm creating new items every week! I have begun a new line of
semiprecious handcrafted jewelry, as well as additional figurines. For the moment, I invite
you to see some of these new crafts, as well as the other creations throughout the site.  
Thank You!
You can find them under their specific category or collection and according to the
season and occasion, or just click the images!

This Wedding Crafts
Collection will be on display
Also coming soon!!!...Wedding Handmade Crafts...
You can find them under their specific category or collection and according to the
season and occasion, or just click the images!
Remember to write any information that will help me create your request correctly.
We want to give to all our customers honesty, best service, quality and trust, because we care about you,
your business the same way we care about ours.
"I will be more than happy to create specially for you, your store or your gallery"
Mary Gonzalez
See my consumerpedia page on Handmade Crafts
We are creating beautiful art pieces for every season and occasion
More items will be available soon. If you want to receive information about our new items by email,
please email or call.
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crafts and

Handmade with Polymer Clay, silver color
wire and one Czech heart. Silver plated
findings and a 28mm Aurora Borealis (AB)
Stone as the focal point.
Variety of Polymer Clay colors available.
Elegant Sterling Silver and
Gemstones Earrings

Handcrafted with Sterling
Silver wire, chain and
Austrian Crystals, Czech
Beads and Natural
Amethysts are used.

Beautiful and unique for
that special occasion.
Earrings Set
Handcrafted with Pink Quartz Gemstones
and Amethyst chips.
Sterling Silver findings and Organza ribbon
is used to finish this beautiful creation.
Spiritual Bracelet
Handcrafted with Semi-precious
Gemstones and Silver plated findings.
Stretch cord is used for size flexibility.
Beautiful and colorful for any occasion.
Polymer Clay Rings

Handmade with Polymer Clay and Sterling
Silver wire & findings.
Marbleized Polymer Clay Bracelet and
Earrings Set

Handmade with Polymer Clay, Gold, Silver  
color wire and Copper wire are used.
Embellished with glass beads to give a
final special touch.
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