All items are 100% Handmade and created by the order directly from the artist studio. All
Handcrafted, Hand-created especially for your store, gallery or shop! understands that you as a business owner are very busy attending your own
business and your customers. Having this thought in mind, all pages under this PRIVATE section are
designed as simple as possible for the retailers
to order. This way your ordering experience is fast,
convenient and easy.
Please, don't hesitate to contact the artist if you have any questions or for any
special inquiry.

The wholesale products are not
available for sale in the retail section of
this site. We show them ONLY for
promotion purposes of the artist art
and the site.
All other regular
customers will only be able to view the
image(s) of the i
tems that are
available for you at the wholesale
private section

If any customer is interested in
purchase any of these items, they will
be able to visit the
Exclusive Retailers page to check where
they can purchase
the items locally at any of the listed
stores, galleries or shops.

The wholesale items aren't for sale in
any other way except
at the wholesale section of the website,
where t
he artist is also a wholesale
. You as a retailer can register at
any time at the

Wholesale Collections
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New Items
Animals / Pets
Clay Jewelry

Decorative Candles
Figurines / Miniatures
Food Sticks
Gemstones / Jewelry
Hair Accessories

Handmade Cards
Handmade Frames

Handmade Paper Boxes


Neat Knit Purses / Bags

Outdoor Decor
Paper Clips
Photo / Note Holders

Pins / Brooches

Steam-Ponk Designs

Whimsical, Mystic Rings
Wine Glass-Bottle Accessories
Under the Sea Creatures

Shop by Seasons and

Easter / Spring
Cinco de Mayo
Back to School
Cancer Awareness
Thanksgiving / Autumn

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We will verify your application and will contact you
shortly by email, approximately  within 3-5 business days.  

THANK YOU!  We appreciate your business!

NOTICE - The Wholesale section is not a public catalog.  

MJ Crafts Design Studio does not compete with our retailer customers...
ONLY big quantities, and many special creations are offered to registered and verified retailers.

MJ Crafts Design Studio reserves the rights to cancel or dis-approve any application if it does not comply
with our requirements to purchase at wholesale.

We wholesale ONLY with Brick and Mortar Art/Crafts Businesses. You must have an official business
license, and an established business to purchase from us at wholesale prices.
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Handmade Cards and Stationery
Handmade Paper Items
Gemstones Kokopeli Watch
Polymer Clay Jewelry
Easter Handmade Paper Card
Artistic Jewelry
Polymer Heart Pendants
Exclusive Designed Handmade Jewelry
Polymer Flower Pins
Cancer Awareness Earrings Set
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